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Status active
Country Spain

State or District

Las Palmas

City Mala (Haria)

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-10-16


dcht00 (Skype) or +38640554854




Snail mail

Calle el Cangrejo 19
E-35543 Mala (Haria)

Number of members

max 10 coliving at a time, more possible (camping around the site)"colivingatatime,morepossible(campingaroundthesite)" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.

Membership fee

Openbudget Live-in Hackerspace : 14€ daily / 400€ monthly contribution = full subsistence (food+stay)

Size of rooms

100 m²

Members Dcht00

Open to Exchanges?


Open to Residencies?


Location 29° 6' 8.6339", -13° 27' 49.69"
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Cht1 poster.png

CYBERHIPPIETOTALISM is a tactical class platform, researching and building Hackbases = hacker live-in labs.

CHT#1 was set on Lanzarote, Canary Islands, from December 2011 - June 2014. The second hackbase will restart by December 2014.

Hackbases are a liquid ("come and go when you like"), permanent or temporary habitat for hacking, theory and avantgarde art, open to everyone. Unlike hackerspaces, this can enable:

  • focused group work (week-long code sprints on open-source projects or startups)
  • a full-time hacker lifestyle, because you live in a hackerspace and don't need to pay rent
  • your cheap time off with hackers from all across the world

It currently costs just under 400€/month, 100€/week, 13.5€/day to live+eat+work in a Hackbase (suggested contribution).

Databox subfinance.png

Season IV (November 2014 - July 2015)[edit]

The new season starts last week of November, or when enough people book their flights. If you're thinking of going, register on the Facebook event (or send me an email if you hate Facebook).

Starting point: All the stuff is in storage. We need a new place, a piece of land. The plan for this year is to build ground-up, off-the-grid - hexayurts / woodsheds / wikihouse, with own energy, water and food systems. Don't pay bills, but invest into ownership of capacity - land (rent to acquire, have a contract that takes care of that), renewable energy, etc.


You're invited to get a one-way cheap flight, stay for a few weeks on a micro-budget, build up and use our lab and workshop, co-curate the archive of books, films and music, hang out (average 5 people living here), focus on your projects and connect them into the general theory/practice of the space, plus whatever's specifically going on then. Plus great hacker food and the weather and the nature (ocean, volcanoes and desert).

Cht1 terrace.jpg

Established in 2011, the place has since become what you might expect from a hackerspace - electronics/DIY/hardware tools, stuff to hack, a server with local services, a complex network topology. The sleeping parts are as separated as architecturally necessary. It has hosted over 100 people so far.


CHT#1.3 was the third, busiest & best season so far. There was an average of 5.5 people staying in, with a high point of 15. (See the bottom graph of the poster for attendance charts).

Cht1 lounge.jpg


We thought it would be a good idea to spend a full winter hacking in a 20°C+, year-long ocean swimming climate. And against The_Roommate_Anti-Pattern: while other hackerspaces are only places to go to "in your free time", CHT is a challenge to make hacking & creative work the main part of every day. It is a place to live, work and sleep, cook & eat nutritious food together every day, launch parties, and explore nature from. Like in 1972.

Playa La Geria (Arrieta).jpgLanza1.jpg

Coming here for an open residency[edit]

See THE MANUAL for way too much information about CHT#1 house. TLDR/WIP/WTF

  • CHT is an open space for everyone & accepting projects-residents all year long.
  • 100+ people have stayed at the space, with 5.5 average in season#3a
  • Non-profit, open budget = 100€/week suggested contribution. (Food+stay, details).
  • The space can host up to ~10 people (15 peak). Beyond that, we can get another place.
  • The Lanzarote island has a well connected airport in Arrecife. Shuttle+flight from EU should be 50-100€

Cht1 r1.jpgCht1 r2.jpg

Support the space[edit]

If you think this is a good idea

  • Register to come here
  • become a member. 20€/month prepays 2 weeks of food+stay and a small project budget. If you can't make it this year, you can come next year, or gift it to someone.
  • print the poster and hang it at your university or somewhere cool
  • donate via Gittip or Paypal. (Donations also count as contribs, so you can visit the space later or gift a stay)
  • Follow on Facebook and Twitter
  • send an email

Cht delivery.jpg

Future hackbases[edit]


Lanza location.png


♪ CHT#1 is EU both southernmost and westernmost hackerspace

♪ The space probably owns the most powerful computer on the island, Bartleby

♪ The house is a tower with 4 rooms and kind of 6 floors... maybe

♪ Floor -1 is an underground pool we are fitting to be a multimedia tank

♪ Floor 3 is a terrace with an ocean view. We eat there & grow food on it.

♪ We are guerrilla growing our own food, and would like to do it at a large scale with cybernetics.

♪ We own a pizza oven and a have hacked the terrace electric grill plate to have 'Krazy' mode. Using Krazy mode can shut down the houses's fuses

Current weather

♪ On the edge of a desert, we repeat a 3mbit DSL internet

♪ The house server runs a Music Player Daemon radio and ♪♪we are scrobbling♪♪ (thanks Mpdscribble)

♪ We wish to be the first self-sufficient / self-sustainable, off-the-grid, energy-independent hackerspace in the world (Note: I didn't check this)

♪ We have set a cockroach nest on fire and won

♪ The space owns a color laser printer, 3 tents, 3 electric guitars, 5 amplified sound systems, a 20 second delay pedal, and a 24 gear mountain bike with front suspension.

♪ Our friend Javi has a sailboat

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