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Status active
Country Spain

State or District

Las Palmas

City Mala (Haria)

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-07-11


dcht00 (Skype) or +38640554854




Snail mail

Calle el Cangrejo 19
E-35543 Mala (Haria)

Number of members

max 10 coliving at a time, more possible (camping around the site)"colivingatatime,morepossible(campingaroundthesite)" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.

Membership fee

Openbudget Live-in Hackerspace : 14€ daily / 400€ monthly contribution = full subsistence (food+stay)

Size of rooms

100 m²

Members Dcht00

Open to Exchanges?


Open to Residencies?


Location 29° 6' 8.6339", -13° 27' 49.69"
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Cht1 poster.png

CYBERHIPPIETOTALISM is a theoretical & practical counter-culture platform,

committed to establish & promote hackbases: hacker live-in labs-residences,

and so enable a full-time hacker lifestyle, focused group work (hackathons? startups?), or a temp retreat.


The CHT#1 Lanzarote Hackbase, Canary Islands. You're invited to get a one-way cheap flight, stay for a few weeks on a micro-budget, build up and use our lab, co-curate the archive of books, films and music, hang out (average 5 people living here), focus on your projects and connect them into the general theory/practice of the space, and be shocked by whatever's specifically going on then. Also a lot of fine food, the ocean, and volcanoes.

Cht1 terrace.jpg


CHT#1.3 is the third, busiest & best season so far.

Established in 2011, the place has since become what you might expect from a hackerspace - electronics/DIY/hardware tools, stuff to hack, a server with local services, a complex network topology. It has hosted over 100 people so far.

Cht1 lounge.jpg


We thought it would be a good idea to spend a full winter hacking in a 20°C+, year-long ocean swimming climate. And against The_Roommate_Anti-Pattern: while other hackerspaces are only places to go to "in your free time", CHT is a challenge to make hacking & creative work the main part of every day. It is a place to live, work and sleep, cook & eat nutritious food together every day, launch parties, and explore nature from. Like in 1972.

Playa La Geria (Arrieta).jpgLanza1.jpg

Coming here for an open residency[edit]

See THE MANUAL for complete details on CHT#1 Hackbase living code.

  • CHT is an open space for visitors & accepting projects-residents.
  • 100+ people have stayed at the space, with 5.5 average in season#3a
  • Non-for-profit, open budget = 100€ a week contribution. (Food+stay, details).
  • The space can host up to ~10 people (15 peak). Beyond that, we can get another place.
  • The Lanzarote island has a well connected airport in Arrecife. Shuttle+flight from EU should be 50-100€

Cht1 r1.jpgCht1 r2.jpg

Support the space[edit]

If you think this is a good idea

  • come here
  • print the poster and hang it at your university or somewhere cool
  • become a member. 20€/month prepays 2 weeks of food+stay and a small project budget. If you can't make it this year, you can come next year, or gift it to someone.
  • donate via Gittip or Paypal. (Donations also count as contribs, so you can visit the space later or gift a stay)
  • send an email of support / new ideas

Cht delivery.jpg

Future spaces[edit]

NEW Feb 2014: House in London SW9 with space to crash. Established January, currently at least until April. Contact for info

NEW Current 2014 focus: Hello Helsinki, Bristol, Madrid



♪ CHT#1 is EU both southernmost and westernmost hackerspace

♪ The space probably owns the most powerful computer on the island, Bartleby

♪ The house is a tower with 4 rooms and kind of 6 floors... maybe

♪ Floor -1 is an underground pool we are fitting to be a multimedia tank

♪ Floor 3 is a terrace with an ocean view. We eat there & grow food on it.

♪ We are guerrilla growing our own food, and would like to do it at a large scale with cybernetics.

♪ We own a pizza oven and a have hacked the terrace electric grill plate to have 'Krazy' mode. Using Krazy mode can shut down the houses's fuses

Current weather

♪ On the edge of a desert, we repeat a 3mbit DSL internet

♪ The house server runs a Music Player Daemon radio and ♪♪we are scrobbling♪♪ (thanks Mpdscribble)

♪ We wish to be the first self-sufficient / self-sustainable, off-the-grid, energy-independent hackerspace in the world (Note: I didn't check this)

♪ We have set a cockroach nest on fire and won

♪ The space owns a color laser printer, 3 tents, 3 electric guitars, 5 amplified sound systems, a 20 second delay pedal, and a 24 gear mountain bike with front suspension.

♪ Our friend Javi has a sailboat

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