DIY Tech Expo / Pig Roast

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DIY Tech Expo / Pig Roast
DIY Tech Expo / Pig Roast
Type of Talk
Start 2010/11/06 (iCal)
End 2010/11/06
Homepage: Blog post
Venue: Makers Local 256
City: Huntsville
State: Alabama
Country: USA
Min Cost: $00 USD
Max Cost: $1010 USD
7.4 EUR
6.1 GBP
0.0143 BTC
616.2 INR

Makers Local is hosting a Do It Yourself Tech Expo where members will be demonstrating all the projects, tools and toys they've been working on. We'll also be roasting a pig on a custom spit. Plates are $10, two for $15, the demonstrations are open to the public. Some of the projects that will be on display include:

   * HSIS Module
   * Quad Copter
   * 3D printing
   * Forge and Foundry
   * QR Codes
   * Screen printing
   * LED Mood Light Project Prototyping
   * Remote Control Large Chassis
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