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Status active
Country France

State or District

Ile de France

City Nanterre

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-02-13
Website http://www.electrolab.fr




  1. electrolab@irc.freenode.net





Snail mail

not public for a lot of reasons, ask us directly
92000 Nanterre Nanterre

Number of members


Membership fee

15€/month (half price for starving hackers)

Size of rooms

180 square meters (1500 by march 2014)

Members Clmnt, N-i-c-o

Open to Exchanges?


Location 48° 53' 42.8896", 2° 11' 45.9797"
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Electrolab - Main room
Electrolab - Electronics
Electrolab - Mechanical 1
Electrolab - Mechanical 2
Electrolab - Chemistry

The Electrolab is a built from scratch hackerspace willing to provide a nice place to work on any electronic / mechanic project. Our space is located in an industrial area, close to the public transportation (5mn) and from Paris (less than 30mn).

The current version (v1) is organized as follows:

  • a main room, with whiteboards, storage, couches, and a main 25 seats meeting table
  • a fully equiped kitchen + a minimalistic bathroom
  • a very well equiped room for electronics (+ storage)
  • a very well equiped room for chemistry (+ storage)
  • a "big projects" room for projects that need space and should stay in the lab for a few months
  • a rooms for mechanics, with a lathe, a milling machine, a band saw, a TIG soldering station, a handheld plasma cutter, two CNC milling machines and a lot various smaller equipment.

Meetings/public openings are every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm till quite late. The lab is also often open on weekends, and for special occasions on other weekdays. We are far from being elitists: new members, whatever their current skills/projects are, are welcome. Visitors are also more than welcome ! If you plan to open your own space and would like to discuss this, you're also welcome. We don't want to publish our address for the moment, to be able to organize visits and take care of each visitor.

We are now starting the new version of our space : The Electrolab V2. We are extending our hackerspace from 180 to 1500 m² and need your help! Please visit http://donate.electrolab.fr for more informations

You can check:

Currently, most of those ressources are in french, unfortunately. Anyway, feel free to email us and/or join #electrolab@irc.freenode.net for further information.

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