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Gatineau Makerspace
Status active
Country Canada

State or District


City Gatineau

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-04-02
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Snail mail

10A Rue Rodolphe
J8T 3Y3 Gatineau

Number of members


Membership fee

Fees to be discussed. Project-based fees determined by project members (materials etc).

Size of rooms

2600 ft²


Open to Exchanges?


Open to Residencies?


Location 45° 27' 42.9", -75° 42' 25.3"
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The Gatineau Makerspace serves the Gatineau Community in order to strengthen and build skills, share knowledge and help incubate businesses. We have a 2600 Square foot facility and a number of skilled people in the group with ties to several other communities in the Ottawa/Gatinea region. Contact

Gatineau Makerspace is looking for people interested in building a community in Gatineau that exchanges knowledge, skills and resources while making things. The aim is to empower individuals within a multi-disciplinary space through collaboration and education.


We want to empower our community;

We want to have a forum for educating children as well as adults;

We want to create and foster resiliency;

Skillbuilding and knowledge-sharing are important to this group Be an incubator for businesses

Active Membership[edit]

At this point we probably want to get up to 25 active members in order to make future things possible. Thoughts:

  • Posters
  • Adverts


Please contact for meetups

The Space[edit]

We have a 2600 square foot facility with two floors. There is a backyard and soon will be a separate heavy-equipment workshop (the foundation is laid for this already). There are a few offices for rent, a reception area, a kitchen and bathroom, a conference/meeting room and a presentation/instruction room. The bottom floor is undergoing completion and should be available soon (this will be the makerspace proper).


Nominations will be held for leadership positions, however the building is privately owned and the owner is part of the steering committee for the group. Treasurer and other positions will be nominated and perhaps held by a few people at once in order to relieve the burden one one person.


We have several pieces of equipment listed - however the requirement for equipment is project driven. Several members have equipment that are available, and we accept equipment donations (including equipment for community loaning).


Several workshops are planned with our affiliates - a few are already taking place. Members can suggest workshops and find instructors, or they can instruct themselves using the meeting and instruction space available.


Here are listed some ideas to explore. The order they appear on this page is not necessarily the order they could be done in, that will be decided in a democratic way where we vote for the projects we think are needed the most. Some larger ideas may require a certain level of funds before they can be activated.

Possible projects:

  • Hackspace-owned Raspberry Pis for general software / electronics hackery (technical, computer geekery)
  • Neurosky Mindwave and similar brain-computer interface headgear (technical, computer geekery, neuroscience)
  • RepRap 3D printer. (technical, computer geekery, eco-friendly)
  • Google Glass style steampunk/welding AR goggles. To be connected to a smartphone running Ubuntu Mobile when available. (technical, computer geekery)
  • Bike trailer(technical, crafty & creative)
  • Computer assembly workshops (technical, computer geekery)
  • Dremel Centrifuge (may need 3D printed parts) (crafty & creative, technical, hardware for wetware)
  • Making a metal detector (crafty and creative, electronics, archaeology, numismatics)
  • Pressure activated LED Chess table (partially built, at Cleckheaton Constructorium, to be brought South on request. Requires some rework) (crafty and creative, electronics).
  • Continuous Ink System workshops to get the most out of your inkjet. (technical, computer geekery, eco-friendly)
  • Bike repair workshops (technical, eco-friendly)
  • Set up a web server running a fully featured website, hackerspace organising system, RFID tool library etc. (technical, computer geekery)
  • Set up an OpenSIM for virtual meets and collaborative software development purposes (computer geekery, software, crafty and creative)
  • Possibly looking into DIYBio in the longer term alongside the above projects. (technical, wetware)

There will also be a steady flow of graphic design and PR requirements to keep the place active, organising of members and what they're doing. There may be web and software coding opportunities.

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