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Hackerspace Budapest
Status active
Country Hungary
City Budapest

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-03-29
Website http://hsbp.org/


  1. hspbp @ IRCnet





Snail mail

Bástya utca 12.
1056 Budapest

Number of members

20-30"-30" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.

Membership fee

between EUR 20-40 per month

Size of rooms

50 m2

Members Dnet, Misnyo, Stef
Location 47° 29' 21.1056", 19° 3' 34.2432"
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About us[edit]

H.A.C.K. is the first and (as of March 2014) only hackerspace in Hungary, operating since February 2009. In December 2009 we moved into a flat on the first floor of Fogasház, and in April 2012 we moved into a basement which is located in the inner city of Budapest, near a major traffic junction (Kálvin tér).



We've started a series of smaller camps, the first was CampZer0 in 2013, the next will be Camp++ from 21 till 24 August 2014.

Weekly plenums[edit]

A weekly plenum is held on every Tuesday at 19.00.


  • Lockpicking workshop at 19.00 on the last Thursday every month
  • Arc welding workshop
  • Arduino workshop
  • Electronics workshop
  • R workshop
  • FPGA workshop (planned)
  • Erlang workshop
  • Bonsai workshop
  • Privacy nights (PGP, OTR, Tor, OSTel, Gibberbot, Obscuracam, etc.)
  • Config nights (sharing useful snippets for various kinds of software)
  • Python workshop (basics, OO, advanced topics, Flask)
  • Git workshop
  • Android app-dev workshop
  • SQL injection workshop


  • VoIP: SIP (inactive)
  • Web search: self-hosted Searx at [1]
  • Instant Messaging: self-hosted XMPP/Jabber server with inband registration support at xmpp.hsbp.org
  • Source code management: self-hosted git (planned), in the meantime, we use GitHub
  • CAcert assurance: we have at least 3 assurers
  • ZeroBin: zero-knowledge pastebin at [2]

Connection with neighbouring hackerspaces[edit]

Some of our members regularly attend Metalab's various events, such as NinjaCon and Stadtflucht. We participate in the European cross-border hacking community, and maintain friendship with the Progressbar in Slovakia. We've also had visitors (among others) from Syn2cat, Brmlab and Kiberpipa.

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