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Status active
Country Switzerland

State or District


City Renens

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-10-20










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Chemin du Closel 5
VD-1020 Renens

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Membership fee

CHF 120.- / year for standard members, CHF 100.- / month for active members, CHF 25.- / month for project members, Students/AI/AVS have a 50% discount

Size of rooms


Members Rorist
Location 46° 31' 28.9301", 6° 36' 49.8319"
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Hackerspace in the Lausanne region, Switzerland. Feel free to join or come for a visit! Our weekly meetings are on Wednesdays from 19h, electronic meetings are on Fridays from 19h, and CTF trainings are on some Mondays from 19h.

The Fixme hackerspace in the Lausanne region welcomes you with open arms. We host weekly general, electronics and CTF meetings, as well as events on other days, such as workshops, debates, CTFs, and more. The hackerspace can be accessed by foot (15 minutes from Renens or Prilly-Malley), bus (Bus 17, Renens-Village stop), or car.

At the hackerspace you will find an electronics area, a lounge/sofa area, as well as work tables for workshops and hacking. There are drinks (Club Mate!), burgers on Wednseday, and snacks. There is also a storage area with lots of random bits and bobs. To get let into the hackerspace, follow the instructions on the door, someone will let you in. The hackerspace is located on the second floor, on the north side of the Univercity space.

Recent Events[edit]

  • Android development workshops focused on beginners, starting from installation of development software through development of first app
  • Raspberry Pi Workshop series of short talks, sharing projects, experiences and ideas about the Raspberry Pi 35$ computer
  • Insomni'Hack 2013 participation to the Insomni'Hack live CTF hacking contest & workshops in Geneva
  • PCB Etching workshop create our own PCB using the toner method based on work done in Kicad workshop
  • Copyright debate discussions about music copyright, with members form local bands, politicians and industry representatives
  • 29C3 Delegation group trip to the 29C3 conference in Hamburg about hacking and more, in December 2012


FIXME1.png FIXME3.png Fixme tables.png FIXME panorama.jpg


  • October 18th 2014 : Fixme moved into a new space in Univercité in Renens
  • April 14th 2011 : Inauguration of the space, about 30 people present
  • April 1st 2011 : We have the space and start moving in
  • September 30th 2010 : Creation of the association under the name "FIXME"
  • August 14th 2010 : 1st meeting, 14 people were present.
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