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Status active
Country Austria

State or District


City Vienna

Date of founding


Last Updated 2011-12-19
Website http://www.happylab.at/


+43 1 3084666699





Snail mail

Haussteinstraße 4/2
A-1020 Vienna

Number of members


Membership fee

starting form EUR 3 per month

Size of rooms

250 sqm

Location 48° 13' 40.872", 16° 24' 0.6588"
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Happylab - Vienna Fab Lab[edit]

In order to be developed and put in motion, ideas need space. So-called "fab labs" don't only provide this space, they also supply the machines necessary for making individual projects happen. The term "fab lab" is short for "fabrication laboratory" and refers to a public high-tech workshop where diverse products can be created individually using computer-controlled machines.

Happylab is one of more than 100 fab labs on the World. They all foster innovation by giving people access to complex production technologies. A fab lab can be used to make (almost) anything. Learning by doing is an essential characteristic. Training in fab labs based on doing projects and learning from peers.

Happylab isn't just a laboratory and workshop however; it serves most primarily as a meeting point for people of all ages who are interested in creative engagement with modern technology. It is a place where ideas can be introduced, discussed and immediately put into action.

Happy Evening[edit]

Every Wednesday (except holidays) from 6pm, the Happylab holds the so-called "Happy Evening", where newcomers can get an insight into the laboratory's possibilities.

Happylab principles[edit]

  • Meaningful pastime
  • Low threshold application
  • Open access
  • No technical limitations
  • Previous knowledge explicitly not necessary
  • Self-determined learning
  • Bottom-up: priorities are determined by the community

More on www.happylab.at and on Facebook.

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