Ipswich Makerspace

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Ipswich Makerspace
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Status active
Country United Kingdom

State or District


City Ipswich

Date of founding


Last Updated 2015-01-30
Website http://www.ipswichmakerspace.com



Snail mail

United Kingdom

Number of members


Membership fee

£10 GBP joining fee, £5 GBP per meeting (twice per month)


Open to Exchanges?

"Future" is not in the list of possible values (yes, no, maybe) for this property.

Open to Residencies?

"No" is not in the list of possible values (yes, no, maybe) for this property.

Location 52° 4' 12", 1° 8' 24"
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A makerspace is a place where like minded people can get together and share their interest in science, electronics and all things technological. The aim is to share knowledge, show off our skills and inspire each other to new heights of inventiveness.

We meet twice a month, once for personal projects and there's always someone there to help out or impress. The second meet is for talks, show and tell and group discussions. A chance to learn something new like PCB making or hear about the latest tech from someone who's been hands-on with it.

Successes: Our Tractor bot won Best Remote-Controlled Robot at Pi Wars Cambridge Dec 2014.

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