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Kingston Makerlabs
Status active
Country United Kingdom

State or District

Richmond Upon Thames

City London

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-04-18





Snail mail

United Kingdom

Number of members


Membership fee

We ask for a donation each weekly meeting attended of at least £1 minimum. It is open to all, no membership needed.

Size of rooms



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Open to Residencies?


Location 51° 26' 14.892", -0° 19' 1.272"
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This Group is now called Richmond Makerlabs!![edit]

Between Richmond and Kingston area group setup as a MakerSpace. This might be for you electronics project your working on, a computer project, digital art, or something related.

We have a venue in Ham. It's in a community interest groups building [0], but so long as we can also work on some stuff for the local community we can use the space.

Since the projects are of community interest only free (as in libre) open source software and open hardware is used and recomended.

There will be drop-ins from neighbours that will be be asking for help either with problems or that they want to learn new skills. These become a priority as any new visitor can be a potential Hacker.

Help is offered as DIY: you make it, you break it. The idea behind this that we are not here to do the work for you and by doing it you might find the inner hacker inside of you!

People come by and either donate stuff (we have several computers and printers) or leave there equipment on loan.


This Hackerspace has a Lasercutter

This Hackerspace has a Soldering Iron

This Hackerspace has a Kitchen

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