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These hackerspaces have a Lathe:

Hackerspaces with a Lathe
  1. (Baltimore) Harford Hackerspace ((Baltimore) Harford Hackerspace)
  2. Arch Reactor (Arch Reactor)
  3. Artifactory (Artifactory)
  4. Attraktor (Attraktor)
  5. CSpace (CSpace)
  6. ChattLab (ChattLab)
  7. Connected Community (Connected Community)
  8. Connected Community HackerSpace (Connected Community HackerSpace)
  9. CreatorSpace (CreatorSpace)
  10. DingFabrik Köln (DingFabrik Köln)
  11. Eigenbaukombinat Halle (Eigenbaukombinat Halle)
  12. Fablab Nuernberg (Fablab Nuernberg)
  13. Firefly (Firefly)
  14. Foothills Community Workshop (Foothills Community Workshop)
  15. Foothills community workshop (Foothills community workshop)
  16. Fresno Ideaworks (Fresno Ideaworks)
  17. I3 Detroit (I3 Detroit)
  18. M.A.G. Lab (M.A.G. Lab)
  19. MELD Workshop (MELD Workshop)
  20. Making Awesome (Making Awesome)
  21. Metalab (Metalab)
  22. Milwaukee Makerspace (Milwaukee Makerspace)
  23. Missoula Makerspace (Missoula Makerspace)
  25. NYC Resistor (NYC Resistor)
  26. Nottinghack (Nottinghack)
  27. Null Space Labs (Null Space Labs)
  28. QC Co-Lab (QC Co-Lab)
  29. Raumfahrtagentur (Raumfahrtagentur)
  30. SWJTU Makerspace (SWJTU Makerspace)
  31. Swindon Hackspace (Swindon Hackspace)
  32. Tech Valley Center of Gravity (Tech Valley Center of Gravity)
  33. TechSpace (TechSpace)
  34. Technocopia Worcester (Technocopia Worcester)
  35. Vocademy (Vocademy)
  36. Warsaw Hackerspace (Warsaw Hackerspace)
  37. Workshop 88 (Workshop 88)

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