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3D printer Repair. +My 3D Printer's extruder head burned out, but I suspect there might be another problem as well and I don't know how to test it to make sure that if I placed a new extruder in it, it wouldn't also burn out. I would like to find someone who is familar with Solidoodle or Makerbot technologies. Also preferably someone who can teach me how to fix these types of problems myself. I am offering $50 for repair of my printer. They must understand the technology. I've already had two other more general tech people look it over for like a month and the problem wasn't resolved.  +


Automotive Fuel Gauges +I have an automotive application: Fuel Level reads 0-50ohm (empty to full) for a 12V fuel gauge. Motor was swapped and new car computer (ECU) needs to read fuel level as well, but it needs 50-250ohm over 5V signal. I need to split fuel level sender into 2 outputs: #1 for the fuel gauge, as the sensor reads it, and #2 for the ECU, as a ratio of the sensor resistance. I have until March 14th, thanks!!!  +


CCS - Share your project +Visit to share your project with us. All entrants will be shipped a FREE ICD-U64 Programmer/Debugger module.(includes free shipping) upon project verification. ICD-U64 retails for $89.99.  +


E ink +We are a startup in the cosmetics - skin care market. We are about to launch a new high-end facial cream and we would like to incorporate either an "E Ink segmented display or a memory LCD display into the top of our new product's jar.  +


Galileo +Spend this summer doing what you love while imparting your expertise to kids. Galileo Learning is looking for tech gurus to share their love of technology through teaching cutting-edge curricula. With a wide variety of classes, including Video Game Design, Mobile App Design, Web Design, Circuits & Electronics, Music & Technology, Computer Programming, and more, you’re sure to find a class that fits perfectly with your interest and expertise.  +


I want to make a pull string doll. Does anyone know anything about pull string voice modules? +I'm looking for a device that I can customize about 10+ sounds into to be played in rotation one at a time in response to a string pull.  +


Job Offer +'''The Opportunity:''' I am looking for an experienced PHP Developer with some experience of web design to join our team. The successful PHP Developer will primarily have experience developing applications using the following skills, though knowledge of all skills listed below is not required for the position: - PHP5 - JavaScript - ASP .NET Ajax - CSS3 - HTML5 - Database Design & Development - MySQL/NoSQL - Strong OOP coding principles. - Responsive Web Design. - Mobile Application Development (multiple platforms) - Bootstrapping - Web Design Ideal Candidate: This position is best suited for someone who is interested in joining an exciting new concept and has the desire to work for a dynamic organisation where the focus is always on challenging traditional concepts and developing your skill set further. You will also have ample opportunity to grow and advance your skills and career inline with the company’s staff training and development culture. You will have access to training programs and work experience in cross departmental activities and gain a true understanding of who we are, how we work, our vision, our commitment to meet our social responsibility and our goal to change the industry for the better. Company Description: We are a new online company that will operate in the finance sector providing ethically structured financial products. We aim to change and rewrite the status quo. As part of our ethos, we aim to encourage independent and group activities to help our employees grow and gain insight in to new and exciting opportunities. If you are looking for a position where you can truly prove and express yourself to build and create exciting new and challenging applications, then please send a covering letter which includes links to some of your most recent work or projects with a brief description as to your involvement in the project along with a CV detailing your level of experience for each of the above listed skills to James Anderson on the details below. How To Apply: Please send your CV & covering letter to James Anderson on  +
Job for Arduino Hacker Hero in NYC area +Arduino wizard needed to help to with some bits and pieces for a mobile innovation lab in NYC  +


Project Manager +The Production Manager post is responsible for the production and installation of a small telecoms device for the hospitality service industry based in Bali. The manager will also be accountable for adequate quality assurance within a small production, the maintenance workshop and appropriate record keeping. This is a unique opportunity to join an expanding company at the initial stage of product development and implementation.  +


Redfootuk +Reporting to the company directors, the role requires a very efficient, organised and friendly self starter, who will organise their own as well as other’s schedules or diaries to provide the most cost effective and efficient method of operation. We are a small but rapidly growing start up company, our hours of work currently very long and flexible. We would like to employ someone with a similar work ethic, ethos to ourselves,. This is a rare opportunity to help formulate the back office processes for a rapidly growing niche technology and services company at the beginning of its development.  +
RepRap Job +Am sadly admitting defeat when it comes to my RepRap Prusa 3d printer, I have attempted to calibrate it and set it up to print but have hit a wall. Would love it if someone could give me a crash course and some hands on help in the tinkering of the programing and adjustments. Cash payment and probably some free printing on completion If keen shoot me an email to  +


Sozialunternehmen sucht Programmierer(in)/ Webdesigner(in) +Sozialunternehmen sucht Programmierer(in)/ Webdesigner(in)  +


Testing Job Offer Form +I'm looking for someone with WikiMedia-fu to update the "Job Offer" form" * Employer should enforce linking to an User page, for contact information * The form should authorize an external URL where to seek more information * "Who can apply?" should be a radio button * "Level of expertise sought" '''might''' be a radio button * "Where" should enforce linking to an existing location, e.g. a Country, a City, or a Hackerspace. Leaving it empty would mean "teh Internetz" * "Type" should be a radio button  +
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