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These hackerspaces have a Sewing Machine:

Hackerspaces with a Sewing Machine
  1. 757 Makerspace (757 Makerspace)
  2. Attraktor (Attraktor)
  3. Cairo HackerSpace (Cairo HackerSpace)
  4. Double Union (Double Union)
  5. Eco-Fab-Lab (Eco-Fab-Lab)
  6. Raumfahrtagentur (Raumfahrtagentur)
  7. Robot Garden (Robot Garden)
  8. Starship Factory (Starship Factory)
  9. Tech Valley Center of Gravity (Tech Valley Center of Gravity)
  10. Technologia Incognita (Technologia Incognita)
  11. Vaasa Hacklab (Vaasa Hacklab)
  12. Workshop 88 (Workshop 88)

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