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Status planned
Country United States of America

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City Las Vegas

Date of founding


Last Updated 2010-06-06


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 Las Vegas
United States of America

Number of members

1 Start-up"Start-up" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.

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No Fees at the time.

Location 36° 5' 0.0067", -115° 5' 59.9111"
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"In the building process"

A place for hackers in the SinCity. Let's start a little event out here. Teach and learn from each other. Young and old, pros and n00bs alike. Lan party anyone maybe some capture the flag how about a little BBQ to start things off. Grab your laptop or your soldering iron and join in. Stop by and say hello at sincityslacker in jabber.

Your Friend CrYpTiC

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