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"Billions of Bucks: A Cyberpunk Revue" in Harvard Sq.20 March 2011United States of America
0711 first steps11 October 200911 October 2009Germany
0x73656316 October 200918 October 2009Switzerland
1 year Open Labs celebration16 July 2013Albania
10+1 Jahre Chaostreff Dortmund7 June 20148 June 2014Germany
2011-06-18: Open Door at shackspace!18 June 2011Germany
23B Shop Party17 April 201018 April 2010United States of America
256 Con4 March 20114 March 2011Uganda
2600nl camp2 July 20104 July 2010Netherlands
26C327 December 200930 December 2009Germany
29th Chaos Communication Congress27 December 201230 December 2012Germany
2ème session du Raspberry Pi au CERN19 January 2013Switzerland
3D Printer Workshop - Building a RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 327 October 2012 10:30:0028 October 2012Germany
3taps Creative Commons Data Viz Hackathon29 April 201130 April 2011United States of America
4-H Robotics & Technology Club8 September 20128 September 2012
48 Hour Startup14 May 201017 May 2010United States of America
A Pado LoupFrance
A lecture about Hackerspaces at Bibliotheca Alexandrina , Egypt23 August 201125 August 2011Egypt
AMach Meetup20 December 2011 18:00:00United States of America
ATLHAX11 December 200913 December 2009United States of America
Alameda County Apps Challenge 201327 April 201327 April 2013United State of America
AppDev Hackathon27 October 201127 October 2011Usa
Arch Reactor Open House30 January 201030 January 2010United States of America
Arduino1 January 201131 January 2011Global
Arduino Day29 March 201429 March 2014Italy
Arduino Night9 January 20109 January 2010United States of America
Arduino Workshop21 December 2012Lebanon
Arduino for total Newbies23 December 2012 15:00:0023 December 2012 20:00:00Germany
Arduino training27 August 201127 August 2011South Africa
Arig Hackathon, 2012 - Arad9 August 201210 August 2012Israel
Atlanta Mini Maker Faire6 October 2012United States of America
Attraktor Opening Party26 March 201028 March 2010Germany
Audacity workshop at Open Labs Albania6 January 2013Albania
Austin DevHouse14 March 201015 March 2010United States of America
BACH201410 October 201411 October 2014United States of America
BEC15 April 201017 April 2010France
Backend + Frontend M2M IoT25 April 201427 April 2014Italy
BalCCon2k136 September 20137 September 2013Serbia
BalCCon2k145 September 20147 September 2014Serbia
Ballmer Peak-A-Thon5 May 2012United States of America
Birmingham Science Hack Day25 June 201325 June 2013England Uk
Bitlair Opening4 June 20114 June 2011Netherlands
Black Country Atelier - 3D Printing10 June 12United Kingdom
BruCon 200918 September 200919 September 2009Belgium
Brucon 201024 September 201025 September 2010Belgium
BrumCon1 October 2009United States of America
Burning Man 200931 August 20097 September 2009United States of America
Burning Man 201030 August 20106 September 2010United States of America
CONFidence 2010 - Krakow25 May 201026 May 2010Poland
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