SquidFoo Art Gallery Studio and Hackerspace

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SquidFoo Art Gallery Studio and Hackerspace
Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Springfield

Date of founding


Last Updated 2013-07-10
Website http://www.squidfoo.com


(417) 812-5366





Snail mail

407 N Boonville
65806 Springfield
United States of America

Membership fee

$40 USD per month, full access. Studio space (limited) starts at $75 USD. Weekend-Warrior pass $20, for those who just want to try out our space over a weekend or just have a small project. Monthly contributions to support the space are accepted @ $13.37 or an amount you choose.

Size of rooms


Members Crashk6, Scottoons
Location 37° 12' 40.8496", -93° 17' 32.3498"
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SquidFoo promotes creative expression, novel use of materials and provides an arena for the maker & hacker culture while serving as an accessible arts venue for the public.

SquidFoo consists of several areas: the Collaboratory, ChopShop, Lounge, and our subterranean expansion, The Fallout Shelter.

In the Collaboratory members have access to the 3D printers, Wi-Fi, computer stations, soldering stations, sewing area, paint station, as well as the stash of community materials including, and certainly not limited to, electrical components, computer parts, conduit and plumbing, vinyl, and much more.

The ChopShop houses drill presses, table saws, routers, table top lathe, welder, paint gun, air compressor, clamps, large work space and many hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, drills, wrenches, pliers, jigsaws, hack saws and many more. The ChopShop also has some community materials just waiting to be up-cycled into awesome projects.

Our underground area houses a new production scale aquaponics system fully built of upcycled material.

Relax while planning your next project or brainstorming with fellow hackers in the Lounge. Place your items in one of the personal lockers and enjoy the cushy seating near a library of manuals, projector & HTPC, how-to books, and trade magazines. Grab a snack (or batteries, or even electronic kits!) from the vending machine and a refreshing beverage from the fridge. SquidFoo Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the space.

Membership is $40 USD per month with access to the Collaboratory, ChopShop, and Lounge. Dedicated personal space in the Studio is available starting at $75 USD per month for a 25ft² space. This offers a unique co-working environment between Artists, Hackers, or whatever your personal creative label my be.

Areas of interest in-foo: Open source hardware & software. Alternative media. Traditional & Performance Art. Near-space balloons. Alternative & renewable energy. Sewing & Fiber craft + soft circuits. Wood & Metal work. Electronics fabrication. Web & application development. Classic computing & embedded systems. Rapid prototyping & 3D printing. Electric Vehicles.

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