TX/RX Labs (Houston Hackerspace)

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TX/RX Labs (Houston Hackerspace)
Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Houston

Date of founding


Last Updated 2013-07-09
Website http://txrxlabs.org/













Snail mail

205 Roberts St.
77003 Houston
United States of America

Number of members


Membership fee

[[Membership fee::Membership Levels:

   * See txrxlabs.org/membership/
       for the most up to date info.
   * Amigotron
     Dues: $10 monthly
     Dues: $100 annual
   * Tinkerer
     Dues: $25 monthly
     Dues: $250 annual
   * Membership
     Dues: $80.00 monthly
     Dues: $800.00 annual
     Facility Access: 24hr
   * Student Membership 
      (Must have proof of Full Time student status)
     Dues: $50.00 monthly
     Facility Access: 24hr
   * Table Hacker
     Dues: $120 - 270 monthly
     Dues: $1200 annual]]

Size of rooms

16,000 sq ft

Location 29° 45' 29.493", -95° 21' 1.8316"
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Tx/Rx Labs is Houston’s Hackerspace[edit]

We are a project-based team of makers with backgrounds in the creative arts: electronic circuitry, music composition, 3D printing, computer science and security, screenprinting, fashion design, and even haute cuisine.

Visit us on Open House Fridays at 8pm till 11pm

Visit with our members. Share your own projects. Enjoy some home cooking. Hang out with a friendly crowd of technology and craft enthusiasts.

Visit us on Pancake Sundays starting at 11am. Eat pancakes and discuss current science/tech events and projects.

Visit us on Thursday nights for a movie and desoldering.

Our goals are to bring creative people together, to serve as an incubator for free thought and inquiry, to produce art, inventions, consumables and ideas that challenge convention, solve problems and create a meaningful community in the process.

We have tools![edit]

One of our main goals is to gather tools for our members that would be difficult to get access to otherwise. Either because they are too expensive, too large, or because they take specialized knowledge to operate.

3 axis metal cnc
One of our 3 axis cnc. If some of our other CNCs here.
CNC Plasma Cutter
Read a short post about it here.

Along with these large tools we have an assortment of hand tools and shop tools. Electronics equipment and more.

Where to sign up[edit]

You can become a member by coming to one of our Open House Friday’s and telling Patrick (President) or Wes that you want to be a member. Or visit http://www.txrxlabs.org/membership/ and join online. The membership fee gets you access to tools, collective wisdom, and a racous list-serve! We have been known to stay late and turn the volume to eleven. We look forward to welcoming you to Tx/Rx Labs.

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