TX/RX Labs 2012 DIY Class Series

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TX/RX Labs 2012 DIY Class Series
TX/RX Labs 2012 DIY Class Series
Type of Workshop
Start The date "October 4th" was not understood.The date "October 4th" was not understood. (iCal)
End The date "December 12th" was not understood.The date "December 12th" was not understood.
Homepage: class info and registration
Venue: TX/RX Labs - 205 Roberts St.
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: US
Min Cost: 15 USD11.1 EUR
9.15 GBP
0.0214 BTC
924.3 INR
Max Cost: 215 USD159.1 EUR
131.15 GBP
0.307 BTC
13,248.3 INR
Workshops due: The date "varies" was not understood.The date "varies" was not understood.

Classes in varied topics like Programming, CNC, Welding, Laser Cutting, Arduino, Soldering, PCB Fabrication, Django, HTML/CSS, and much more!

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