The Sponsoring Anti-Pattern

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This page is a part of Design Patterns.

Its content is derived from the presentation "Building a Hacker Space" by Jens Ohlig and Lars Weiler.

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You think it’s a good idea to meet at a company that likes you or at a university where most of you study anyway.


Never ever depend your space on external sponsors. Donations are great, but remember that companies can go bankrupt and you won’t be a student forever. Meeting at a university will exclude high-school kids or people who don’t like the university culture. No company, no matter how nice, will give away presents forever without asking for favours in return. That’s capitalism...

Meeting ANYWHERE will always exclude SOMEONE who will happen to NOT like the somewhere. I am sure there is a descriptive name for such an illogical statement but I don't want to go there ;)

And what happen to the "You can always say NO" concept? You want to give me something, fine. Oh, now you want a payment for it? Where is the contract? No contract? Well then, get lost. End of the story, nothing to do with Capitalism, or any "ism". Except maybe gluttonism. Or reverse greedism.


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