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Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Longmont

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-11-22
Website http://www.tinkermill.org
















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1130 Francis St. #7116 Longmont CO 80501
1840 Delaware Pl
80501 Longmont
United States of America

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Membership fee

$25 mo for students/starving hackers $50 mo for regular memberships $75 mo for families $100 mo for dedicated desk $300+ mo for dedicated office space $2.50 per mo per SF for dedicated studio or workshop space $5000 year for corporate sponsorship (includes 5 memberships)

Size of rooms


Location 40° 9' 20.196", -105° 7' 27.84"
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TinkerMill is Colorado's largest makerspace / hackerspace with over 70 members and over 7,500 SF of workshop, office and classroom space.

We have two locations. One in the middle of town right off main street called TinkerMill Downtown (519 4th Ave, Longmont, CO 80501 approx 1500 SF) that serves as our 'clean' space for computer classes, 3D printer labs, video and audio editing bays, a sewing/textile workstation, a soldering and electronics station, meeting space and co-working space for our members and the community. We also work with our local public library to put on summer classes for kids and we work with the city of Longmont to put together after school programs for kids during the school year out of this city of Longmont provided facility. There are regular weekly meetups here such as the Longmont Open Coffee Club and the 1M Cups group.

The second location is our main location located in an industrial area of town (1840 Delaware Pl, Longmont CO 80501). It consists of over 6,100 SF of workshop and office space. We have 8-10 office spaces that members can rent with the intention of incubating startup companies, new product and services creators and entrepreneurs. We also have several thousand SF of space dedicated to a multitude of workshops such as a welding shop, a metal shop and woodworking shop, a full sized (car/truck) paint booth, auto lift area, robotics workstation, A kitchen and lounge/library area, A brewery and distillery (both legal in Longmont), a rapid prototyping lab with CNC (4X8 foot bed) router/cutter/etc., 40W laser cutter and multiple 3D printers along with space for dedicated workshops, labs and art studios. We also have an industrial air compressor and pneumatic tool infrastructure throughout the space and an industrial woodshop air filtration system.

For more info, contact Scott Converse at scott.converse@gmail.com or phone: 303-875-1243

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