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Unallocated Space
Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Severn

Date of founding


Last Updated 2011-10-06
Website http://unallocatedspace.org/















Snail mail

512 Shaw Ct. Suite 105
 Severn, MD 21144
United States of America

Size of rooms

1640 ft²

Location 39° 8' 60", -76° 40' 12"
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Our space is being designed to have meetings that are not mandatory but will include a lot of current research being done by the membership at large. We have worked hard to make this a place where you are home away from home.

The Space:

We currently have a 1600+ SF space located at 512 Shaw Ct. Severn, MD. This space is open to the public, anyone can join, and is available for people to come and collaborate on their projects. The motto of the space is Teach, Learn, Party!

The “chill out” area is a mythbuntu box hosting over 100 varied movies, a 42″ Plasma TV, several couches and chairs, a modded Wii with several games, a PS2 with several games, and an Apple TV for what its worth. All of this is housed in an old candy vending machine that has been modded for our purposes as an entertainment center.

The Lab area is several folding tables with about 20 desk chairs that serve as plenty of space for 15+ people to sit and work on any hardware or software projects they would like to build out.

The Inventory/Storage Area is an area that has several heavy duty shelves worth of hardware ranging from old to modern computers for use by the participants, small electronics, routers and switches, Wireless equipment, RFID equipment, Several other networking components, Cellphones, and what ever else you can think of. This area is designed to house equipment that is not currently in a state of being used for a project. Participants are encouraged to walk over, pull a box down, install the OS of their choice and start working. When you are done with what ever you are working on, we only ask that you put it back.

Dance Dance area is designed to be our own mini night club for when we throw parties. This area is equipped with state of the art sound equipment, club quality lighting, fog machines, projectors, strobe lights, black lights, rope lights, and other various oddities. Bring your own music collection and watch the party start.

The bay door area, yes a hacker space with a roll up bay door. What a novel concept. This area is designed to house our large industrial equipment as we get it. The bay door is also used to load and unload everything that is brought into or traded out of the space. PLEASE DO NOT PARK HERE.


We have a varied membership, called participants, that have skills ranging from traditional network hacking to software development and hardware design. There are some participants of the space who are just starting to learn what hacking is and others who have been doing it since before there was a computer in every household.


We do not have a traditional membership structure. It basically comes down to name your own dues. We ask that you contribute $100 per month, which may change over the next few months depending upon interest. If $100 per month is too much of a financial strain we ask that you contribute whatever monetary value you can and then donate your time. We have countless chores that always need to be done so that is a good way to pull your weight. If you are a student who doesn’t have money at all, we only ask that you contribute what you can, when you can. We do not want to lose your value as a hacker just because you have fallen on troubling financial times.


There are an almost unlimited number of unassigned “unallocated” parking spaces in the front, on the side, and around the building. We only ask that you attempt to not block another business during normal business hours. After hours park pretty much wherever you like.

Additional Details:


If you have any questions click on the link for “contact us” and we will receive your e-mail.

Pictures and video to follow.

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